Impromptu Poetry · November PAD

Lend Me Your Senses


Mejandra came to me last night, you see;
She opened herself and let me be;
I stepped into her while she stepped into me.

Suddenly, that which chilled, propelled;
Lifted and supported – free fall surrender
And out of control purpose.

High above, alone-ness is one-ness;
To be all while accepting the finite
Limited reach of my wingspan.

Mejandra came to me last night, you see;
She opened herself and let me be;
I stepped into her while she stepped into me.

Fresh foods, fresh kills;
Nothing stale, decomposing or processed;
Sinew yielding to the force of life – enduring.

The clouds gather as the sky turns grey;
I face the wind and accept the challenge
Grateful for the lesson eagle eye brought to me.

~Meena Rose

Refection Pool

Finding Common Ground


No one is wise enough to understand the heart of another, but it is our duty in life to try.
~ Louise Erdrich

This week I have been reminded again that the kaleidoscope of life we live in is comprised of many hearts and so many of them are yearning for understanding or someone/anyone to simply relate to them.

Of course, depending on your life experience you may either be guarded or open as you interact with all these hearts that just want to be understood. Have you inquired within and figured out what message it is broadcasting to anyone and everyone at the same time?

I try to do that every once in a while; not as often as I should, probably. There is always insight that I gain about myself as I bring those subconscious yearnings to the forefront of my consciousness. Sometimes, those nuggets of A-HA make sense while others have appeared completely unrelated to the day to day minutiae of my life.

On my last self-inquiry exercise, I realized that I am so ready to be understanding of  just about anyone which some people seem to confuse for naivety. Then I had to sit with the emotions that surfaced around the word naive. What was hard to swallow was the connotative meaning that comes with it – emotional gullibility.

Compassion and understanding are two of my lifestyle choices. Like any choice, nothing is risk free. The best moments of my life were made possible due to my compassion and understanding. So have some of my worst.

To my fellow compassion crusaders, keep doing what you’re doing. Keep up your wonderful work, trust your instincts and no matter what, stay the course and spread more light into this world.


Where Is My Cocoon?

Is it just me? Or, do you too stop to take in the change around you? This time of year, in my neck of the woods, the leaves are changing their colors before finally parting way with the trees that gave them life to begin with. It really is the celebration of the life of a well lived leaf.

Is it just me? Or, do you too enjoy watching life grow and evolve? I am talking about the first blooms of the season some of which will give way and turn into fruits or vegetables. I am talking the puppy or the kitten that seem to evolve before our own eyes? I am talking about people from newborn to toddler to teen and before you know it, you are now looking into the eyes of an adult.

We seem to be so fascinated by stories of transformation be it the rags to riches kind or the unhealthy to vitality kind or simply the shy to outspoken kind. Yet, for many of us,my former self as well, we do not find any beauty or inspiration in our own transformation. For whatever reason, we envy the caterpillar’s cocoon wherein that transformation is private and when all is done, there is the big revealing TA-DA.

I lived in that mental trap for a good bit until one day, it simply dawned on me. If the universe really felt we needed a cocoon to support mankind’s various transformations, it would have been part of the design from the get go. Since I did not possess any natural cocoon making materials, then I must accept and embrace that all my superficial transformations will be exactly that – visible to anyone who wanted to gaze at me in that light.

Still, there are a good number of hidden transformations – the lifestyle changing mindset ones. Those are done within the privacy of your consciousness. So then I concluded, right or wrong, that my consciousness is my cocoon to support the needed shifts, subtle or otherwise, in my continued evolution. Yes, I still get squeamish when I try to observe myself in the process of these shifts. So I gave up the need to know it was happening and instead to trust the process. Now, I am good at noticing my major shifts. My subtler shifts are reflected back to me by friends and strangers alike.

Embrace the shifts. Accept the process.


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So, I Begin Again


Hello everyone,

Here we are in October of 2016 and I am kicking off a new blog. My intention is for this blog to be a reflection of who I am now – an amalgamation of many things and still very much a work in progress (both me and the blog!).

Some of you might have followed my work on and other poetry venues. ScatHer Light will be different. Yes, there will be poetry but a lot more of the this and that which seem to occupy my curiosity at any given point in time.

I am super excited about the promise that this blog will hold for me and you, as well, by extension.  I am glad I have a laptop of my own, again! Everyone else in the family has been squared away.

Life is a journey that we all take one day at a time despite my own personal desires to manipulate time. I would love to be able to slow down time here and make a moment last. I would also love to be able to speed up time to arrive at a much anticipated even. Sort of like how we walk . We mess around with our stride all the time – we lengthen it, shorten it, hurry it up, slow it down. Yet, there is permanence with the transience of time. There is a known comfort in waiting even when I find myself worried or pins & needles excited. There is an acceptance and a surrender. There is the reminder to myself to be present in the now and harvest the abundance that Life is offering me just beyond my finger tips.

So here I am at ScatHer Light sharing with you my world with a fresh heart and open mind.

She never fig-ured out
How fig and Newton came to be.

Perhaps, Sir Isaac visited Babylon
When joy struck him upon the head.

Fig-ments of her hyperactive imagination;
Sweet sticky goodness stuck between her teeth.