Hi all,

My name is Meena, by the way.

Welcome to ScatHer Light. This blog is exactly that – a chronicle of discovery and rediscovery, in some cases. They say life begins again at 40. For me, changes and shifts impacted all aspects of my life – health, family, home, work & friends. So much so, that I simply threw my hands up in the air and have decided to rediscover the light, joy and bliss in my world.

Things you might discover on this blog:

  • Impromptu poetry – I go through these phases where I write a ton and then go dormant.
  • Some of my favorite soul filling foods – I am always on the quest for those however not every recipe or creation lives up to expectations but then again, it is all part of the journey.
  • Found gratitude – those subtle AHAs that show up in the smallest everyday moments in life.
  • Transformation – when ideas shift or the emotions shift or the body shifts.