Impromptu Poetry · November PAD

Universe, Multiverse, Any Verse?


I people watch for sport:
Entertaining enlightenment or enlightening entertainment;
The jury’s out on this one
As I project onto these people a full narrative;
Back story – their sole crime was to catch my muses fancy.

That woman there in haute couture and shabby shoes;
Glazed eyes and twitchy lips, fingers tapping nervously;
Oh wait! It’s anticipating – a smile cracked her face open;
Light flooded in and worry washed out as he hugged her;
His embrace fills in the blanks.

I came as soon as I could;
Of this I am now convinced. A universal hush descended;
“I am here for you. That’s all that matters now.”
His urgent whisper and fervent prayer is witnessed by all;
For a moment, we all bear witness.

Time unfreezes, each of us blending into the backstory of life;
Our fabric frayed – loose and fluid;
A tapestry of coincidence and observation:
Master Weaver, Grand Coordinator, Heavenly Father;
Life’s greatest mystery – may it never unravel.

~ Meena Rose


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