Refection Pool

Finding Common Ground


No one is wise enough to understand the heart of another, but it is our duty in life to try.
~ Louise Erdrich

This week I have been reminded again that the kaleidoscope of life we live in is comprised of many hearts and so many of them are yearning for understanding or someone/anyone to simply relate to them.

Of course, depending on your life experience you may either be guarded or open as you interact with all these hearts that just want to be understood. Have you inquired within and figured out what message it is broadcasting to anyone and everyone at the same time?

I try to do that every once in a while; not as often as I should, probably. There is always insight that I gain about myself as I bring those subconscious yearnings to the forefront of my consciousness. Sometimes, those nuggets of A-HA make sense while others have appeared completely unrelated to the day to day minutiae of my life.

On my last self-inquiry exercise, I realized that I am so ready to be understanding of  just about anyone which some people seem to confuse for naivety. Then I had to sit with the emotions that surfaced around the word naive. What was hard to swallow was the connotative meaning that comes with it – emotional gullibility.

Compassion and understanding are two of my lifestyle choices. Like any choice, nothing is risk free. The best moments of my life were made possible due to my compassion and understanding. So have some of my worst.

To my fellow compassion crusaders, keep doing what you’re doing. Keep up your wonderful work, trust your instincts and no matter what, stay the course and spread more light into this world.


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