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So, I Begin Again


Hello everyone,

Here we are in October of 2016 and I am kicking off a new blog. My intention is for this blog to be a reflection of who I am now – an amalgamation of many things and still very much a work in progress (both me and the blog!).

Some of you might have followed my work on and other poetry venues. ScatHer Light will be different. Yes, there will be poetry but a lot more of the this and that which seem to occupy my curiosity at any given point in time.

I am super excited about the promise that this blog will hold for me and you, as well, by extension.  I am glad I have a laptop of my own, again! Everyone else in the family has been squared away.

Life is a journey that we all take one day at a time despite my own personal desires to manipulate time. I would love to be able to slow down time here and make a moment last. I would also love to be able to speed up time to arrive at a much anticipated even. Sort of like how we walk . We mess around with our stride all the time – we lengthen it, shorten it, hurry it up, slow it down. Yet, there is permanence with the transience of time. There is a known comfort in waiting even when I find myself worried or pins & needles excited. There is an acceptance and a surrender. There is the reminder to myself to be present in the now and harvest the abundance that Life is offering me just beyond my finger tips.

So here I am at ScatHer Light sharing with you my world with a fresh heart and open mind.

She never fig-ured out
How fig and Newton came to be.

Perhaps, Sir Isaac visited Babylon
When joy struck him upon the head.

Fig-ments of her hyperactive imagination;
Sweet sticky goodness stuck between her teeth.


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